Saturday, October 18, 2008

Paintball game @ MPJB Camp Site in Impian Emas

~My colleagues @ the paintball site~

For the sake of not disappointing me, even though everyone is so busy in this month. And coincidentally, every project/initatives were being tasked has the deadline on the same day with the teambuilding I was organizing. It is so touching to learn that my colleagues were so supportive, and they made promise to meet the deadline by burning midnight oil for days just to want to spend a day for this event.

After briefing by the referee. Equipped with Vest (Rm2 for the rental) and face mask. Everyone is ready to go, carrying the gun with 50 bullets each and safety pin on. We will only off the pin in the battlefield. To win the game, the team has to grab the flag.

Make sure your face mask was tighten

Aim properly

Girls commented he was so good looking in the battle field. OMG, they so loose focus.He looks more involved in the game2-0, Group two Won!! End with this group photo!

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